Monday, 30 June 2008

Time Out

Last week my lovely other half and I sneaked away for a few days to a beautiful part of Cornwall. Don't ask me why but I still feel guilty when I do this? The children are 22,20 and 17 - so why I think they still need to be with us wherever we go I really don't know. I think I am slightly odd in thinking this way - but do believe after this little break that I may be changing my mind. We had a really lovely time and just enjoyed the easiness of it all (and the peace and quiet)!! Here's a few photos that we took along the way.

Me wandering along the path to Cape Cornwall. Probably the prettiest place I've ever seen.

The end of the road - I so want this little house looking out on this beautiful view.

Now a decision to be made - do we have the energy to climb up here and check out more of the view?

Yes we did - and boy was I glad. The views were truly spectacular.

We watched the man in this little fishing boat drop lobster pots all around the Cape. Just wished we could have waited to see the catch.

On a Crafty note I was very happy to stumble (literally around the corner from our hotel) across this amazing place. I wish I had taken a photo of this clever lady's shop. Karen makes the most beautiful bags from velvet that she dyes herself. As you stand in the shop you can see through to the back and the piles (no mountains) of fabric she has collected. Such a lovely place. Sitting in the shop stitching away was this lady. Sue creates the most lovely embroidered pictures as this book shows. In addition she lectures on the Fine Art Textiles course at Camborne College.
It was quite surreal to come across these two clever ladies - piles of fabric and talent. Add this to the views and I'm sure you will believe me when I say I had a ball!!


Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Nice to hear from you Mary,what a coincidence that you found the same lamp at the same price! I'm the same about leaving my two, they're 16 and 19 but we've never been away without them, I just couldn't bring myself to leave them. Now I think they wouldn't mind us going off for a few days but not sure about leaving them in charge of a house and 2 cats :)
Sounds like a wonderful break, just what I could do with after a busy time at work.
Gill x

Donna said...

How lovely Mary. Looks like you had a great time away. Beautiful photos. I love the look of the bag shop and was excited to see Sue Dove mentioned. She is a lovely lady and one of my good customers :-)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

You have such a lovely blog here! We so enjoyed our visit!

Shirley said...

Hi, just found your blog. We were down in that part of Cornwall in May. We found a lovely little shop in St Just that made things from driftwood - and saw the couple at Sennen Cove the next day; but we missed the bag shop.

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh Mary! I feel the same way when I go somewhere without my kids. Mother's guilt! LOL My hubby doesn't understand it. What a gorgeous place to visit! Maybe one day I'll make it to England!

Donna said...

Hi Mary
I have decided on a new date for my next sale and have the invites printed up. Please drop me an email with your address so that I can mail you one :-)
Donna x

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I so love Cornwal...
And I too, would love to retire there...
Mind you I`m only 31!
Thanks for sharing... by the way I so love the colours of your granny blankt!
Kisses Kisses

Melissa said...

wow- that looks like a truly beautiful place. i would love to visit cornwall one day!

so glad you had a nice time away- even with a few guilty feelings. ;)

Frugal Trenches said...

So glad we are swap partners in the Christmas exchange!

Your blog is so lovely, you are very talented!

Bek said...

Hi Mary, Thanks for your welcome to blog land!! Cornwall looks wonderful. My ancestors hail from Cornwall and I'm pretty sure my great aunt lives there. I look forward to having a proper look at your blog. Bek

French Knots said...

Looks lovely, what super weather and great photos.
20 years of looking after them is a hard habit to break even for a night or two.

Charmingdesigns said...

oh how I enjoy your blog! Laurie

Quick Heal said...

Thanks for sharing your post with us.I'm really enjoying your post when I was reading it.Pictures are alos looking very beautiful.So thanks again.