Friday, 11 April 2008

I just lost my way

I have been away for so so long. Not on some exotic holiday (chance would be a fine thing). Simply away from my blog. I just seem to have lost the motivation to post - bad I know. There was no specific reason - I simply couldn't muster up the energy to share some bits and pieces with you all. Everyday after work, which is late - usually 6.30pm, I would plan to fit it in - but somehow I never managed to. I came to know it as 'bloggers block'. Problem was the longer it went on the more guilty I felt. Particularly as I have been lurking lots and commenting little - a real breach of the bloggers code of conduct. Is there such a thing??

Well anyway - for those of you interested(?) today I will share a little something I made earlier. It's a quilt I made back in January on a lovely weekend quilting retreat in Cornwall. The weekends are held in this beautiful converted chapel on the Roseland peninsula.

Sorry not the best photo I have but I will try to share some better ones when I have technical support available aka one of my children!

More about the quilt. It's a true recycled effort - my favourite type of creation. The top is made from a stash of vintage fabrics that I bought on e-bay last Summer. They came from Germany and were described as pieces of old pillowcases, bedding and aprons. I actually bought two lots as they were such a good buy - so have enough for another quilt. The blue plain blue I've used also has a story attached to it. When I was a district nurse in Smethwick in the West Midlands back in 1983 there was a little shop in the High Street which sold off cuts and remnants of fabric. I used to pop in during my lunch break at least three times a week to check out the new stock. It was the most amazing place where you would find anything from cotton to furnishing velvet to coat weight wool. A real treasure trove. So using up this piece of blue brought back lots of happy memories.

A close up shows the design which is split pinwheels. I am not an expert quilter just lucky to have expert tuition from a lovely teacher called Anne Baxter who is so talented and generous in sharing her wealth of knowledge.

The back is a piece of vintage floral fabric that I picked up in a jumble sale a year or so ago. It is finished in that I have machine quilted in the ditch and bound it - but I am planning to finish off with some hand quilting. Not sure how much and where yet - but springing to mind is hearts - maybe within each square. I have to say that of the few quilts I have made this is probably my favourite.

Finally as I press the publish button I want to tell you that in the time it's taken to compose this post I feel so much better. It's good to be back and giving - isn't that what blogging is all about :)