Sunday, 27 January 2008

What am I doing here?

No that's not me sandwiched between the coffee pot and oxo tins!! What I mean is how did I get to this far into 2008 without noticing? Just where did January go? It feels as though my last post was just yesterday and now we are almost saying 'goodbye' to January. If I'd been in hibernation I could understand - but that's certainly not the case. Work, work and more work has been my agenda.

I have been lurking and sometimes commenting but not nearly as much as I would like.

One thing I have been doing is a little creating (my essential therapy after a long day). These little covered notebooks are my take on a 'journal'. Lots of you are posting about keeping journals and although these are tiny they are just the right size for carrying around. I have covered thyem in a mix of vintage, new and recycled fabrics and embellished them with recycled buttons.

Now the really exciting bit is that as we speak these little 'journals ' are on their way to Southampton where they will be on sale tomorrow. My daughter works in a coffee shop where they sell hand-crafted items. Her boss saw these and asked if I would make some to display and (maybe) sell. I'm not too sure that they will but it doesn't really matter because as I said it's my therapy! So if your passing by 'Yoma' in Bedford Place do pop in for a peek. I hear they sell a mean Latte!

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year

This post is wishing you all a healthy and Happy New Year. I read some of your lovely greetings last night. I know I'm a little sad spending New Years Eve 'blogging' - but hey I've learnt that 'whatever floats your boat' is good.
The town we live in has a big reputation for being a great place to be at New Year. It was even mentioned in the Times newspaper in the lead up to the millenium as the third best place to be!! The big attraction is that everyone who turns out is in fancy dress - young and old alike. You really are the odd one out if you don't dress up. It really is very entertaining. The local charity shops do a roaring trade in the lead up and you can often find some great 'vintage material' in the garments labelled for 'fancy dress'.

So what did me and mine dress up as I here you ask? Well apart from my youngest of 17(who went out with a group of friends as the cool looking Men in Black) the rest of us snuggled down in front of the log burner and watched a couple of good movies. Oh yes and as I said I managed a little blogging on the other half's laptop.

New Years resolutions.... I'm never too good with these but now I'm in my 50's I seriously believe if you have good health as a foundation the rest will follow (if it's important enough).

That said I have some things to sort and deal with as a matter of priority and will be working on this list as from today. As a Piscean I am generally not too good at making decisions so that's where I will be going first. Anyone know of a good Master class??

Finally to you all I echo the thoughts of many bloggers when I say Thank You for letting me join you in this really good place called Blogland. I am learning to be brave and open up (new to me) and your feedback is always so pleasing to receive. I have made many lovely, new friends amongst you and have felt inspired by your wealth of creativity. So....