Saturday, 3 November 2007

It's all to do with the camera.

I've really got to come clean here. I'm not the best at posting regularly and I can't really blame the full time job that I do since many of you are in the same position. I will confess that what holds me up most is the 'photo' thing. Or should I say my lack of ability with the 'photo thing'. When I started my blog I was using my husband's camera but relying on him to take a good enough photograph (how sad is that?) and upload it to the computer.
After a while I decided to get my own camera so that like many of you I could keep it with me for any photo opportunities that came my way in the course of the day. Hmm not that you would want to share any of images I come across at work! However being ever on the thrifty side I didn't want to splurge out on a new one when my daughter's 'old' one was sitting in a cupboard not being used. Even this proved to be quite a challenge as the original instructions were missing plus software to upload to the computer.
So eventually I gave up and bought myself a new one. Almost as small as a lipstick holder. How can this be - technology eh! Well I'd better stop rambling here and get to the point (thank heavens I hear you saying.) The point being that I couldn't get to grips with it and have now 'swapped' with my husband and am back where I started - story of my life?

Here are a few pics (do excuse the quality) that I have taken over recent weeks of some of my thrifty finds.
Apple crumble and mis-labelled apple and blackberry pie from the local church Autumn fayre. I find local fetes and fayres the best source of home bakes, jams, chutneys and preserves. I stock my cupboards and freezer very often after a Saturday morning visit to one. Of course I would never dream of 'passing them off' as my own (?)
This lovely granny square crochet blanket from our local Hospiscare shop - one of my favourite charities. The ladies that help are really sweet and know me as the 'sewing' lady!
This book on fair isle knitting which I will one day get round to learning!
This vintage floor standing anglepoise lamp was found by my husband on the white elephant stall while I was busy buying the crumbles and pies!! All for the grand sum of four pounds. Well spotted I say. A real help when sewing in the evenings - even with my specs I find it difficult to sew at night (sigh.. the joys of ageing).

This is my favourite of all. Bought from a dear old couple at a car boot. "Just clearing out my mother's things" the gentleman said. He was all of eighty himself!! He asked me to get it home safely and 'look after' it. I told him I would do more than that I would 'treasure it'!!

PS Thanks Betty for 'tagging' me I'm working on it! Also thank you Gill for the mention :))

Ooops just found out that the blanket pic is on twice and I have noooo idea how to delete it - so any advice would be gratefully received?