Monday, 15 October 2007

An Uncanny Likeness

I have spent the last few days with my family in Wales. My sister has been visiting from Canada and it has been lovely to 'catch up'. As always there was lots of reminiscing and my mother took the opportunity to show off old photographs. This one is me with my two older brothers, Howard and John. It was the annual school photograph and I must be all of five or six. We were all turned out in our best bit of wool (I remember the itching well!!) The sequence of events was that the eldest in the family would be sent to collect siblings from each of their respective classes. How proud I used to be when my big brothers came to collect me. We then trundled off to the hall where a cheerful photographer positioned you all, straightened ties (?) and bows (in my case) and then told a silly joke to make you smile. Clearly this didn't work with me!!When I showed the photograph to my husband he went off to my sewing space and came back with this pattern folder he gave me a few months ago. At the time he said he thought I could have been the little girl on the front - concentrating on her sewing. This was before he had seen this photograph. I have to admit I do see a resemblance. Do you ?