Sunday, 9 September 2007

Thought for the day.

I am not by nature an envious person. I have reached that time in life when I can honestly say I like my life. I consider the important things to be good health and inner contentment. That's not to say there are things that I wouldn't change if I could - but generally nothing major. Since starting out on this whole blog thing this feels like a common theme amongst many of you. It may never be said but on the whole most of you seem to share a similar opinion and I feel you are kindred spirits. Why is this? It's possibly an age thing - although I know that there are bloggers of all ages out there.I ask myself could it be the whole creative thing - be that sewing, cooking or any other craft, giving us a common bond? Or could it be the whole thrift / recycling ethos. You know the "make do and mend" principle of my parent's generation? The notion of being satisfied. Come to think of it that's probably how I'll sum up my feelings about my life "satisfied". What do you think? I have no great ambition (the dream of owning a shop full of vintage fabric that no one is allowed to buy excluded of course!) Ah well enough meandering I'm off to the car boot. If I find any goodies I'll tune in later and share. Blimey, two posts from me in one day that would be something!! I'll leave you with this NFO (now finished object ). The heart fabric is made by stitching channels through layers of fabric and 'slashing' in between with this little tool. After washing and drying you end up with a chenille type fabric. Very easy and great fun.