Sunday, 19 August 2007

Love is ......


Despite having a list of things he wanted to do this morning - he agreed to walk to the beach with me.

He stood patiently waiting while I chatted away to someone I knew from work for what seemed like a few minutes but was probably 20-30!

He smiled sweetly when we came upon a car boot sale.

As if all this wasn't enough, he went for the grand finale??

He spotted (how did I miss it?), this little number. A vintage wicker shopping trolley - which is full size but looks little in this picture. Before I'd even picked up it's scent he had bought it for a bargain three pound fifty.

Then my beautiful, considerate, kind husband carried it all the way back home (sigh - that's me)

Friday, 17 August 2007

And the Lazy Blogger Award goes to ......

....Mary from 'and sew to sleep'!?!? Well if there ever was such an award I would be top of the nomination list. I have been one seriously lazy blogger over the past few (5!!) weeks. I went AWOL from my blogging responsibilities. Worse than that I've been 'lurking' a little and not even leaving comments (shame on me).

My excuse....well there isn't one - well not a legitimate one - so I won't insult your intelligence by making one up. So what brought me back to the land of lovely bloggers? Well today I tuned in to find a comment from Gill telling me that I had won her give away. Thank you Gill, it really made my day.

Then there is the story linked to the yellow courgette!! This is true folks.

I have never said in my posts but I work full time as a nurse. I trained back in the 1970's, went on to train as a Midwife and then as a District Nurse. A career that has spanned 33 years to date. It is wonderful work - despite the many pressures and difficulties associated with today's health service.

I have worked with some really lovely people who over the years have become good friends. However best of all has been meeting many (too many to count) amazing people who despite the most awful problems, rarely complain and are always grateful for your help. I never fail to be humbled by this strength in people.

Yesterday I was reminded of this.
One dear elderly gentleman who can barely walk and is in constant pain gave me some of these beautiful yellow courgettes. Now to the amazing part of this story. They came from his allotment that he works on every single day. Mostly on his hands and knees!! He produces the most fantastic fruit and vegetables and grows flowers worthy of Chelsea RHS. I have never heard him complain and he always has a smile to offer.

As I chopped away at the courgettes tonight I made a decision to get on and 'do' -rather than 'putting things off".

Hence the new post after 5 weeks absence.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

I'll be back soon.

Promise xxxx