Saturday, 30 June 2007

Where does the time go?

Do you ever wonder what you do with your time? This last month has passed by in a blur and I'm left feeling bedraggled. The reason...well I don't really know. Maybe it's just the weather that's making me feel like this. After all it is Summer and supposed to be long hot days and evenings spent in the garden?? Yeah I think that's the problem... the weather. So now that's sorted I'll move on.

Life here has been eventful. My daughter has finished her degree and had her final show/exhibition in Southampton. We all turned out at the opening night and had a great time. She has also decided to stay up there and find work. She is moving in with some friends to share a house. Although it was always a strong possibility that she wouldn't come back to Devon it now feels very final. A strange feeling.

My middle child is on an Archaeological dig as part of his degree so will hardly be home this Summer. That leaves my youngest who has just finished his GCSE's and as he proudly declares "seen the back of compulsory education". I don't have the heart to point out that he's hoping to go back to do A Levels (entirely his choice)...I think it might take the edge off his mantra!

You know as I read this back I think I may be suffering from empty nest syndrome. Although a few years ago a friend whose children had flown said that the first she realised it had happened was when her house stayed tidy and she had to wait for enough washing to accumulate before putting the washing machine on. So let me think ...tidy house, less laundry. I wish!!

The picture I've posted is WIP. A quilt for my youngest. The design is called "Bullseye Revisited". I started it at a one day workshop back in the Spring and I really must get it finished. So enough from me. Take Care all of you I'll be back ....sometime.


She'sSewPretty said...

Mary, I love your WIP quilt. I love the black with the bright colors. I still have two at home. My youngest will be 15 in a few weeks so it will be a while before I have to deal with an empty nest. Sometimes when the house is in chaos, I wish for it...but then I think I would probably be very lonely!

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Good to see you back. Time is flying by for lots of us bloggers it seems. I've been absent for almost a month (although hoping to make up for it this summer).
You must have mixed feelings about your children growing up and moving away...I personally can't wait to have a house that stays clean and tidy for longer than a day! And the ironing and washing, it's just relentless isn't it? How fab to not have enough for a load for a few days :)
But I can't imagine my two babies of 18 and 14 not being around....hehe

Lucy Locket said...

Quick Mary, dissuade your middle child from a future in archaeology! It doesn't pay!!! My husband has been an archaeologist for over 20 years and is now at upper-midddle management level (if there is such a thing!) and still earns a pittance! On the plus side, as Agatha Christie put it, being married to an archaeologist is a good thing - the older you get the more interested in you he becomes!

picperfic said...

oh my...time is flying by! I cried when my eldest went to Uni....I really missed her even though i had three others at home! You'll be fine...just make yourself stay creative and you'll soon enjoy the freedom and space.

Alison said...

It must be a thing that 16 yr olds say...'I've finished with education'.
Mine keeps saying that but like yours he has chosen to return to sixth form in September:-) He has plans to try and get to St Andrews Uni!

I love the quilt. It looks like a lot of work has gone into it. I only ten to do smallish projects..I'm to impatent to do anything very big.
Thanks for the lovely comments.
Take care,
Alison x