Monday, 7 May 2007

Weird - Me?

Well I've been tagged thanks Betty and Kim. I have to share seven weird things about myself! Now I know I'm weird but not that weird so I'll only do one list :)) Here goes.

*I gave birth to my eldest son on his Dad's birthday. As did my Mother with my eldest brother.

*The fabric I use has to 'feel' right. If I touch it and it 'feels' wrong - it's out. Doesn't matter if the colour and pattern is perfect. It's still out. Lucky for me most fabric has the right 'feel'!

*I hate prawns but love prawn cocktail flavoured crisps.

*Last year I bought a job lot of craft books from a local auction room. Browsing through one of them I came across a receipt. The name on the receipt was my maiden name - both christian and surname.

*I love chocolate but definitely NOT chocolate cake.

*On a quick visit to a local DIY store I picked up a tin of paint in a shade of green I rather fancied. It was also heavily reduced!! When I got home and read the label - the colour was 'William and Mary green'. My name and that of my husband!

*I like my toast 'stone cold' before it's buttered. I've even been known to pop it in the fridge.

Well I don't know about weird - I think this list makes me sound spooky!!

So, now to the best bit. It seems I have the pleasure of tagging four people. The lucky winners are: Gill, Alison, Jo and Julia. Good luck everyone.


Alison said...

Thanks for tagging me Mary.
I'm trying to narrow the list of weird things about me down to just 7!!!!!!
My husband has just given me a notepad to write them all down...cheeky thing:-)
Take care,
Alison x.

Shropshire Girl said...

I also hate prawns but love prawn cocktail crisps - and I know exactly what you mean about the feel of fabric. The other things you list are a little spooky aren't they?

Tracey said...

You don't like chocolate cake? I didn't even know that was possible! :p

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty said...

Mmmmm...deep fried prawns with chocolate cake for dessert. As for the other things, I think they make you seem a bit psychic.

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Thanks for tagging me (I think!)
Yes you have had some spooky things happen....I bet there're a lot more stories you could tell....

Gill x

hannah said...

that green paint is the exact colour I had specially mixed for my kitchen, as I couldnt find the colour in my head, then saw it 2 weeks later in the store!