Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Tea anyone?

Gosh I can't believe it's been nearly two weeks since my last post. I suppose like many of you out there I've just been really busy. Work, decorating and gardening are just a few of my recent activities. Anyhow...today I would like to share a post about a gift that arrived in the post for me this morning. It came from my dear daughter who is in her final year at University in Southampton. She is just finishing a degree in Fine Art (just like her Dad) and at the moment she is working very hard preparing for her degree show which is on June 15th. In the middle of all this she thought of me when she spotted this beautiful felted tea cosy in a charity shop (she is her Mothers' daughter!) She has a very good eye and often spots a good bargain. So folks.... if your passing by Devon give me a call and I'll pop the kettle on and to my dear, darling girl thank you very very much. I love you lots.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

What's in a number?

I know from reading your posts that a lot of you are around my age. Of course I can't tell you all what my age is because as you know from my previous posts and comments - blogger or my key board has a bit of a problem printing the specific numbers. I really must get that sorted! Still, it's suffice to say I often run a temperature at night but don't have an infection and I have trouble remembering my name but I don't have dementia. Apparently I am suffering from a condition which is temporary and begins with M - but I can't remember what it is. Get where I'm coming from Girls?? So, all of this is my excuse for creating these gorgeous little felt baby shoes last weekend. Now all I need to do is hear from a friend or relative who is pregnant. Problem is none of them are? My long suffering other half thinks I've gone barking mad! Particularly as I have them on my bedside table to look at last thing at night and first thing in the morning!!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Thinking of Madeleine

No fancy script for this one. This caring blogger designed this button and offers us all to share it. Lets hope and pray this little girl is soon back home and the family is once again complete. Pass it on.

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Recycled linen (4).

I found it quite difficult to 'use' this favourite tray cloth in a recycled project. The finished cushion is for my mother-in-law's birthday which is soon. She always appreciates and treasures any homespun gifts I have made which makes parting with this spotty job a little easier. Once again the tray cloth was already beautifully embroidered and I simply added some text and small details. The back is embellished with Yo yos. Hope you enjoy the view.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

New book - new craft?

Today this book arrived from Amazon - I do so love that website. Since I started 'lurking' and then actual blogging I have seen some lovely work with textiles and collage from some talented bloggers. It prompted me to buy this book to maybe have a go. Best of all I have booked a place for a 'taster' session on book making and binding using various medium including textiles. This is run by our local Adult Education centre. The session covers the basics and you can then decide if you wish to sign up for a longer course in the Autumn. Great idea don't you think? Best of all the first session is free and you pay five pounds for any other 'tasters' you book. So I've also booked felt-making and stained glass making. A great way to find out more about a craft don't you agree? So I hope this is the start of a new friendship with book making for me. Watch this space. Oops sorry I've just previewed and these aren't the best of pictures. Just hope it gives you a taster :))

Monday, 7 May 2007

Weird - Me?

Well I've been tagged thanks Betty and Kim. I have to share seven weird things about myself! Now I know I'm weird but not that weird so I'll only do one list :)) Here goes.

*I gave birth to my eldest son on his Dad's birthday. As did my Mother with my eldest brother.

*The fabric I use has to 'feel' right. If I touch it and it 'feels' wrong - it's out. Doesn't matter if the colour and pattern is perfect. It's still out. Lucky for me most fabric has the right 'feel'!

*I hate prawns but love prawn cocktail flavoured crisps.

*Last year I bought a job lot of craft books from a local auction room. Browsing through one of them I came across a receipt. The name on the receipt was my maiden name - both christian and surname.

*I love chocolate but definitely NOT chocolate cake.

*On a quick visit to a local DIY store I picked up a tin of paint in a shade of green I rather fancied. It was also heavily reduced!! When I got home and read the label - the colour was 'William and Mary green'. My name and that of my husband!

*I like my toast 'stone cold' before it's buttered. I've even been known to pop it in the fridge.

Well I don't know about weird - I think this list makes me sound spooky!!

So, now to the best bit. It seems I have the pleasure of tagging four people. The lucky winners are: Gill, Alison, Jo and Julia. Good luck everyone.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Recycled Linen (3)

Since it's Friday and the end of a long week,
I thought I'd share a secret???!! Oh yes are you all ears - no that should be eyes because your reading this right?
Anyhow listen carefully ..........I remember Biba. Now there's more.... I don't mean the reincarnation in today's designs. I mean the original. Yeah I knew that would shock you. You didn't think I sound that old :))) LOL- of course my age has nothing to do with me not posting a picture of myself on this blog. Definitely not - just haven't had the time?? Anyway - back to the business in hand. Where were we ? Oh yes Biba. I used to looove the clothes , make up and even the bags they put your buys in - just divine. So where is this leading you ask. Well......memories of Biba came flooding back when I found this set of four linen placemats in a car boot last weekend and a cotton pillowcase - so 70's all for the princely sum of 60pence.

After a little thinking I designed and made this...really it's just another take on a tote bag pattern with a button detail on the corners. I used Timtex to add strength to the gusset. Has anyone else tried this I know Amy Butler uses it in her bags. Of course I'm not comparing myself to such talent.....if only!! One thing I can be sure of is that my darling daughter will want this one!
Have a good weekend everyone.