Sunday, 29 April 2007

Any excuse for a UFO.

It was glorious weather again today. After lunch I had lots to choose from...

I could clean the garden room (posh name for my lean to) windows.

I could bake (like my good Mam used to on a Sunday afternoon).

I could catch up on letter writing (except it's all phone calls, e-mails and text messages these days).


I could sit in the deck chair soak up the sun and finish this UFO. Which is exactly what I did. So what you see here is a little velvet purse made out of the left overs from an earlier project (see previous post). It's lined in pretty Liberty and embellished with a Yo yo and a little crystal button. Oh and of course just a weenie bit of hand embroidery. Trouble is I'm sure I will never use it - a bit too pretty for me. Maybe my daughter will use it for her University summer ball. We shall see.
Sorry about the quality of the photo - if you click to enlarge it looks better. If not try crossing your eyes!!

Friday, 27 April 2007

Tis the season to be jolly.

The one thing I love about this country is the seasons and the the ever changing landscape. I can't say I have a true favourite as they all offer something different but special in their own right. However I have to say that my spirit is lifted high by the sign of Spring. People smile and generally look happy [jolly?]. This year with the warmest April on record the gardens are reaping the benefit of early sunshine. Today when I popped home for my lunch break I sat in my garden and wondered at how beautiful and clever plants are. They 'hide' through Winter and then pop up and produce amazing blooms! Here are some corners of my garden that I photographed today.

Monday, 23 April 2007

Burnt Offering

Last week I managed to fit in a day at a workshop learning a wonderful, clever fabric technique. The technique was created by a lady called Jennifer Trollope who is very talented. Her work features in the journal "Fabrications Quilting UK". This technique involves layering fabric, felt and organza. After stitching the design you then "burn" through to reveal the original fabric (seen in one of the pics) This can the be embellished with beads, stitching etc. I made mine into a small scissor holder. It is so clever - even I managed it!! Although Jennifer is a very good teacher!

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Recycled Linen (2)

When I started "blogging", I seriously under estimated the amount of inspiration and motivation I would get from fellow bloggers! As a result of this clever lady's post I dug deep into my collection of old linen and found a tray cloth I picked up for pence at a car boot. It was already beautifully embroidered to a standard I could never hope to reach. However, I did feel confident enough to add some text using transfers from this fab book. The text I've embroidered looks as if it's getting smaller but I promise it's the angle the pic was taken at! Using some quilt fabric I turned the finished linen into a cushion. It's such a good feeling to give these old pieces "new life" and in a way pay respect to the women who spent hours stitching them in the first place.

Saturday, 7 April 2007

The birds are nesting.

The sun is shining, the birds are nesting. It must be Spring! Happy Easter everyone.

Monday, 2 April 2007

UFO's meet Yo Yo's

I sometimes feel like the Queen of UFO's (unfinished objects.) The problem is (and blogging adds to this) I keep finding new patterns / ideas that I just have to try out. Consequently I end up with a growing "stock" of UFO's. I've even been known to buy other people's UFO's. You know - the half completed project found in the charity shop or car boot sale that's crying out for a loving home where it will be finished! Hmmm ?? Tonight keen to try something with my newly made heart YoYo's - I suddenly came over all saintly and decided to complete a UFO. So using up some of my "traditional " Yo Yo stock - I finished this velvet bag. It's made from vintage velvet (old curtains), lined with Liberty cotton (not seen in this pic) and embellished with YoYo's. Now I should sleep like a blog oops I mean log- being such a saint and all that! Night night everyone.

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Yo Yo's revisited

If ever I am travelling (or chilling out in front of the television) I keep this little box of hand-stitching beside me. Little hearts are created and alongside this all sizes of YoYo's. I LOVE Yo Yo"s. I think they are just so pretty and can be used to embellish lots of projects. Apart from this they use up little scraps that would otherwise be forgotten. So imagine my joy when I found this tutorial from this clever lady. While your there take a look at her dog collar projects - amazing! So needless to say I spent most of yesterday evening producing these little gems - click on pic to enlarge. Now I have an idea to use them in a project involving that linen tea towel. Watch this space?