Sunday, 25 March 2007

To wash or not to wash?

Although I live in England - I was born and raised in Wales. I still visit often as my Mother and brothers all still live there - my only sister lives in Canada:( It is probably this background that nurtures my love of all things woollen. I grew up with Welsh blankets on the beds that kept us really warm and cosy in Winter and babies in our house were always nursed "Welsh fashion". Perhaps I'll post a blog explaining this one day. I have a growing collection of Welsh wool blankets and welsh wool fabric and this is one of my favourite sites to visit for inspiration. Anyway, the pics you see today are of a resuscitated Welsh blanket that I was given by my mother a few years ago. It was rather worn so I cut it up, dyed it using Dylons, cut it again into squares, stitched them together with wool, added borders, freehand embroidery, a wool back (phew!) and voila a new blanket was born. This has sat ever since on my youngest son's bed and has kept him warm in Winter. This morning I noticed some dubious stains. So the question to you today is if I wash it will the dye run?? I suppose I could send it to the dry cleaners. Or........I could just ignore the stains, put it out to blow on a sunny day and pack it away for next year. What do you think???


Vintage to Victorian said...

I love what you've done with the old blanket, but I wouldn't like to hazard a guess on whether or not the colour will run if you wash it!

I visit Jen Jones' site often, too. Because I buy and sell quilts, the occasional blanket and linen etc I find her site inspiring.

I love the heart and the bird in your previous post, too.

Sue x

Clare said...

What a lovely blanket - but like Sue, I wouldn't want to guess what would happen after a wash! Good luck if you decide to wash it! I've just had a look at your previous posts and love the things you make - the bags are great!

Ragged Roses said...

Hello and thanks for the comments - yes, chocolate, tea and a book would be better, but I ate the chocolate yesterday!
The blanket is gorgeous, the colours are so pretty. Not sure if I would recommend washing it, I dye fabrics for my ragrugs etc and have had a couple of near disasters. It depends on how confident you feel about the dye having fixed etc. What about gentle dabbing on the stains and a good air on the washing line!
Kim x