Wednesday, 28 March 2007

A bargain nearly missed

You know I have to confess that until I started reading blogs - I hadn't really heard of Cath Kidston (shock,horror!) In fact, until a couple of weeks ago I actually thought it was Kidson not Kidston - I'm such a philistine. So to get to the I'm om holiday this week I thought I'd nip into town this morning and mooch about the charity shops. When I reached the last one (and we have a few) I came across this duvet cover. Now I have to be honest it looked pretty mediocre to me and I only gave it a fleeting glance. To be truthful I thought it had a rather faded, washed- out look about it (lol). However, since I hadn't found anything in any of the other shops (and I do hate going home without at least one bit of thrift) I took a closer look. Well I was still doubtful so..........root about for a label to see if that gave me a clue. Mmmm "Ikea" - still none the wiser???? I told you I am a philistine as far as CK is concerned - now do you believe me. In the end thinking I could maybe use it to line a bag I handed over the sum price of two pounds!!!!!! and left with my purchase. Only when I had washed, dried, starch ironed and dressed my spare bed with it did the penny begin to drop. So folks I think this could be an early Cath Kidson er.. I mean Kidston. Please let me know if I'm wrong. Of course it is rather growing on me now!! I have always be such a fan of hers?


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty said...

I found you through Beachy's Cape cod Cupboard. I love that duvet cover. I'm not sure if its Cath Kidston either but I do think it is pretty. Love your blog....I'll be back soon.

Natasha said...

Giggling still from your post, not sure if it is C.K. or not but it is beautiful.

Still giggling btw.

Donna said...

Hi Mary
What a great find. What you have there is an Ikea duvet cover made from fabric that was designed by Cath Kidston about 7 or so years ago. Well done you :-)

Ragged Roses said...

Hello Mary
Aren't you lucky - those duvet covers are like gold dust! Looks great on your bed too! Have a good weekend.
Kim x

Gill said...

Like you I didn't really appreciate how popular Cath Kidston is before discovering blogs.
I owned 2 king size sets of the very same duvet covers about 6 years ago....and I made curtains to match....and had leftover fabric.
What did I do? Took the whole lot to the dump last year when I redecorated the bedroom :(

A set sold for £67 on Ebay recently, I'm gutted! So you got yourself a bargain.
Yours looks very pretty, I've got a similar style bed to you and it goes so well with Cath :)

Love your blog, looking forward to more.

Allison said...

I really, really like it - it reminds me of eiderdowns that I've been seeing so much lately. It's really pretty - good eye. And I'm not sure if it's CK either (and you weren't alone on not knowing who she was - until I started reading people's blogs (before I started mine) I didn't know who she was either.

allie from minneapolis

Tracey said...

I found CK's Vintage Style book a while back and loved it. Then I hit the blogging world and realized she wasn't my little secret! haha What a fantastic bargain you got!