Monday, 12 March 2007

Bags, bags and more bags

Just before Christmas I found this pattern that Donna kindly posted. I have so much velvet and wool fabric in my stash and I felt so inspired that I thought I'd have a go. Well three bags later......? I used vintage cotton fabric to line and vintage buttons / buckles to close. It's so pleasing to put some of this to good use. I also up sized the pattern to make the burgundy one for my daughter. The corsages were a bit of a wing and a prayer - but turned out sort of OK (just dont know if they would take much rough-handling).


Vintage to Victorian said...

What lovely bags. Just found you via your comment on Niki's site. I'll pop back and see you again soon.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog!
Welcome to you!!

Your handmade bags turned out great. LOVE the purple one with the pretty flower corsage.

Donna said...

Wow they are really gorgeous! I just love that tweed one. It's amazing how different they can look using a variety of fabrics. Have you any plans to make more?

Gillybean said...

Stunning bags! I love the purple one too. Thanks for your comment on my blog, I tried to reply but it didn't work, still got much to learn too. Will definatley be checking in on your blog again.

Gill said...

Hello, I just found you via Niki's site too, well done you for starting a blog. I've added you to my favourites list, you seem like my kind of person :)
I started a blog too last week, like you I managed it on my own but there's lots to learn yet! It's very addictive isn't it? I'm taking time just to look at other blogs and find out more about "blogworld". Then I need to get back to actually doing things in the real world!!
Love your bags, you've really inspired me. I've already started to collect together old fabrics, once I've got a stash I want to have a go at making bags. I look at them in Accessorize for £30 and think "I could make that".
Looking forward to lots more from you!

Ragged Roses said...

Hello from a fellow new blogger! The bags are lovely, the tweed one is gorgeous. I'll come visit you again.

Kim x

cinderelly said...

very cute bags! and the boiled hearts and bag are very interesting...someday i have to try that felting thing. i found your site through ragged rose.