Wednesday, 28 March 2007

A bargain nearly missed

You know I have to confess that until I started reading blogs - I hadn't really heard of Cath Kidston (shock,horror!) In fact, until a couple of weeks ago I actually thought it was Kidson not Kidston - I'm such a philistine. So to get to the I'm om holiday this week I thought I'd nip into town this morning and mooch about the charity shops. When I reached the last one (and we have a few) I came across this duvet cover. Now I have to be honest it looked pretty mediocre to me and I only gave it a fleeting glance. To be truthful I thought it had a rather faded, washed- out look about it (lol). However, since I hadn't found anything in any of the other shops (and I do hate going home without at least one bit of thrift) I took a closer look. Well I was still doubtful so..........root about for a label to see if that gave me a clue. Mmmm "Ikea" - still none the wiser???? I told you I am a philistine as far as CK is concerned - now do you believe me. In the end thinking I could maybe use it to line a bag I handed over the sum price of two pounds!!!!!! and left with my purchase. Only when I had washed, dried, starch ironed and dressed my spare bed with it did the penny begin to drop. So folks I think this could be an early Cath Kidson er.. I mean Kidston. Please let me know if I'm wrong. Of course it is rather growing on me now!! I have always be such a fan of hers?

Sunday, 25 March 2007

To wash or not to wash?

Although I live in England - I was born and raised in Wales. I still visit often as my Mother and brothers all still live there - my only sister lives in Canada:( It is probably this background that nurtures my love of all things woollen. I grew up with Welsh blankets on the beds that kept us really warm and cosy in Winter and babies in our house were always nursed "Welsh fashion". Perhaps I'll post a blog explaining this one day. I have a growing collection of Welsh wool blankets and welsh wool fabric and this is one of my favourite sites to visit for inspiration. Anyway, the pics you see today are of a resuscitated Welsh blanket that I was given by my mother a few years ago. It was rather worn so I cut it up, dyed it using Dylons, cut it again into squares, stitched them together with wool, added borders, freehand embroidery, a wool back (phew!) and voila a new blanket was born. This has sat ever since on my youngest son's bed and has kept him warm in Winter. This morning I noticed some dubious stains. So the question to you today is if I wash it will the dye run?? I suppose I could send it to the dry cleaners. Or........I could just ignore the stains, put it out to blow on a sunny day and pack it away for next year. What do you think???

Friday, 23 March 2007

Recycled linen (1)

This week has been particularly busy at work. Most evenings I've been too tired to sit at the computer or sewing machine for very long. However, I always feel more relaxed when I "use" my time creatively. Translated this garble means that some evenings I managed to sit in front of the television, switch off and sew. Why didn't I just come out with that to begin with?? Anyway, one of life's greatest pleasures for me is to recycle old textiles into new items and so bring them back to life. These two little sweeties were the result of resuscitating an old linen tea towel. The best thing is there is loads left for another project(s). PS Thank you all for your lovely comments about my new blog. You are a lovely lot out there.

Friday, 16 March 2007

Did she spoil it? No she boiled it.

I have been watching the clever things being done over here with a felted wool blanket. So much so, that when I came across this jumper (the remains of) in a charity shop I decided to see what I could do with it. So first I cut off the sleeves and boiled them in a saucepan on the cooker. This made them thicken a bit - enough to stop them fraying when cut and also made he wool "bleed". This made the colours blend somewhat - which I quite liked. Out of this I made a large heart and some smaller ones which I stuffed and backed with vintage fabric. I then embellished them (love that word) with tiny wooden buttons secured with linen thread and seed beads. So finally I'm left with the main body which I put through the washing machine on a boil programme. Somehow the colours stayed vibrant and the wool did felt very well. When it dried, all became clear (makes a change). It had to be a bag - and so you see the final piece. A little bold but very proud tote bag. Lined in some spotty blue and white fabric.

Monday, 12 March 2007

Bags, bags and more bags

Just before Christmas I found this pattern that Donna kindly posted. I have so much velvet and wool fabric in my stash and I felt so inspired that I thought I'd have a go. Well three bags later......? I used vintage cotton fabric to line and vintage buttons / buckles to close. It's so pleasing to put some of this to good use. I also up sized the pattern to make the burgundy one for my daughter. The corsages were a bit of a wing and a prayer - but turned out sort of OK (just dont know if they would take much rough-handling).

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

At last

Well at last I've done it! After months of viewing other people's blogs and feeling like I was "taking and not giving" I decided to give it a go. To be honest I waited until my daughter was home from Uni for the weekend to give this old technophobe a hand. Even then there were problems and so all on my ownsome I seem to be coping with this post. About me - I am taken with all things creative and have been so inspired by all you clever people out there. I mostly sew and quilt and sometimes fiddle with other crafts but usually come back to my needle and thread. Today I am happy to share my work corner with you - which is really an alcove in my dining room (that's if I can work out how to post a pic). As for the blog name?! Since I am a bit of an insomniac I often sew in the small hours. Eventually I fall asleep - not over the sewing machine but up in my bed!!