Monday, 10 June 2013

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Going public

Happy New Year to all of you out there in Blogland.

I have a real aversion to New Year resolutions - simply because I never achieve them. So this year I just didn't make any - easy solution!

However, I have decided to complete some of my many UFO's....and that's at least one a month. Now you might say this amounts to a New Years resolution. Well not really as I am reasonably confident that I can do this. As opposed to a resolution which as soon as the thought passes through my lips into the spoken word is usually broken. This challenge is (I think) achievable. Note to self I may regret writing these words.

In case your wondering (?) the purpose of this post is to focus me on the task in hand. I declare that I will on a monthly basis (at least) post about a completed project.
So there -I've made a public promise to the whole of Blogland - or those who care to stop by and read this. Now all I have to do is deliver. See you soon... I'm off to sew!

Monday, 22 December 2008

Snow in June??

Well I did wonder what it would take to 'nudge' me out of this blogging apathy. It seems that adding snow effect to my blog which now shows pics of me walking in Cornwall in the sunshine with snow falling has done the trick. Maybe I should have added that snow earlier. Or perhaps I'll just be known as the seasonal blogger - one post for every season - I think I could manage four posts per year!

Enough joking. I have been mooching around blogland and as ever loving reading all your posts. Time just seems to fly by and here we are at yet another Christmas. Many of you are sharing your preparations in varying states of completion. I never feel too bad about not being ready as it seems to be a common thread running through most of your posts. I guess it's a price we pay for having such busy lives and trying to 'do everything'.

I've had a week off to preare (back to work tomorrow.. oops today) and still find myself up this early writing lists and oh yes blogging. I never sleep well so best to use my time effectively! Anyhow Margaret Thatcher apparently used to survive on three hours sleep a night - but then all she had to do was lead the country (Mags if your lurking that was only a joke- I'm sure you did other things too?) Where was I- oh yes Christmas. I'd like to share with you a pic of my advent calender and the story behind it. First take a look. It's a cross stitch project with rings stitched under each day. Tied onto these are the little cloth bags which hold the pressies.

The story behind it is as follows. When I married I moved from Wales to Birmingham where I worked as a nurse until after a few years at the ripe old age of 30 I had my first baby (now 23!) Most of my friends were people I had met at work and so suddenly I found myself at home and just a little 'lost'- with my husband working long hours and shifts as a Paramedic. Having my daughter was wonderful but in truth I was quite lonely. After a few months I ventured to the local mother and toddler group - with the view that it was purely for my daughter to interact and not at all 'my thing'. There I met Barbara. She had a daughter (first baby) same age as mine - and it turned out lived around the corner from me. Even better - we shared a love of crafting. We soon became good friends. One day I showed Barbara the calender pattern that I had been holding onto for quite a few years. It was from a magazine called Family Circle (not sure if it's still around)and was based on a Scandinavian design. We decided to make them together, the plan being to meet up one evening a week to stitch. Well I can tell you that after a glass or two of wine lots of chat and laughing very little stitching took place. Eventually we both finished and off they went to be framed. We both sighed with proud pleasure at the sight of them and vowed they would become a family heirloom. Sadly the following year we moved to Devon - and although we still keep in touch we haven't met up for quite a few years. However each year when I hang the calender the lovely memory comes flooding back and I have enjoyed sharing the story with you all.

I wonder is there anyone out there who remembers this pattern or perhaps even made it? I would love to know. Well I'm ready for breakfast and need to hit the shower then off to work for nine hours. Take care everyone and try to take a moment to smell the flowers (or to be more seasonal the pines!)

Monday, 30 June 2008

Time Out

Last week my lovely other half and I sneaked away for a few days to a beautiful part of Cornwall. Don't ask me why but I still feel guilty when I do this? The children are 22,20 and 17 - so why I think they still need to be with us wherever we go I really don't know. I think I am slightly odd in thinking this way - but do believe after this little break that I may be changing my mind. We had a really lovely time and just enjoyed the easiness of it all (and the peace and quiet)!! Here's a few photos that we took along the way.

Me wandering along the path to Cape Cornwall. Probably the prettiest place I've ever seen.

The end of the road - I so want this little house looking out on this beautiful view.

Now a decision to be made - do we have the energy to climb up here and check out more of the view?

Yes we did - and boy was I glad. The views were truly spectacular.

We watched the man in this little fishing boat drop lobster pots all around the Cape. Just wished we could have waited to see the catch.

On a Crafty note I was very happy to stumble (literally around the corner from our hotel) across this amazing place. I wish I had taken a photo of this clever lady's shop. Karen makes the most beautiful bags from velvet that she dyes herself. As you stand in the shop you can see through to the back and the piles (no mountains) of fabric she has collected. Such a lovely place. Sitting in the shop stitching away was this lady. Sue creates the most lovely embroidered pictures as this book shows. In addition she lectures on the Fine Art Textiles course at Camborne College.
It was quite surreal to come across these two clever ladies - piles of fabric and talent. Add this to the views and I'm sure you will believe me when I say I had a ball!!

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Stress Buster.

Would you like to see what I get up to after work when the sun is still shining? Yes? Well come with me and I'll show you. First the trusty old bicycle.

Then you pedal....if your speed is fast and you are very fit it will take you about five minutes. I am not so fit and at five feet two inches it just takes me longer - so I'll be there in about ten minutes.

Turn left from my house. Take the first left turn then right at the junction. You will find yourself on this cycle route.

Keep going until you get here.

Now for the best bit...take a seat and enjoy the views. Bliss!

Friday, 11 April 2008

I just lost my way

I have been away for so so long. Not on some exotic holiday (chance would be a fine thing). Simply away from my blog. I just seem to have lost the motivation to post - bad I know. There was no specific reason - I simply couldn't muster up the energy to share some bits and pieces with you all. Everyday after work, which is late - usually 6.30pm, I would plan to fit it in - but somehow I never managed to. I came to know it as 'bloggers block'. Problem was the longer it went on the more guilty I felt. Particularly as I have been lurking lots and commenting little - a real breach of the bloggers code of conduct. Is there such a thing??

Well anyway - for those of you interested(?) today I will share a little something I made earlier. It's a quilt I made back in January on a lovely weekend quilting retreat in Cornwall. The weekends are held in this beautiful converted chapel on the Roseland peninsula.

Sorry not the best photo I have but I will try to share some better ones when I have technical support available aka one of my children!

More about the quilt. It's a true recycled effort - my favourite type of creation. The top is made from a stash of vintage fabrics that I bought on e-bay last Summer. They came from Germany and were described as pieces of old pillowcases, bedding and aprons. I actually bought two lots as they were such a good buy - so have enough for another quilt. The blue plain blue I've used also has a story attached to it. When I was a district nurse in Smethwick in the West Midlands back in 1983 there was a little shop in the High Street which sold off cuts and remnants of fabric. I used to pop in during my lunch break at least three times a week to check out the new stock. It was the most amazing place where you would find anything from cotton to furnishing velvet to coat weight wool. A real treasure trove. So using up this piece of blue brought back lots of happy memories.

A close up shows the design which is split pinwheels. I am not an expert quilter just lucky to have expert tuition from a lovely teacher called Anne Baxter who is so talented and generous in sharing her wealth of knowledge.

The back is a piece of vintage floral fabric that I picked up in a jumble sale a year or so ago. It is finished in that I have machine quilted in the ditch and bound it - but I am planning to finish off with some hand quilting. Not sure how much and where yet - but springing to mind is hearts - maybe within each square. I have to say that of the few quilts I have made this is probably my favourite.

Finally as I press the publish button I want to tell you that in the time it's taken to compose this post I feel so much better. It's good to be back and giving - isn't that what blogging is all about :)

Sunday, 27 January 2008

What am I doing here?

No that's not me sandwiched between the coffee pot and oxo tins!! What I mean is how did I get to this far into 2008 without noticing? Just where did January go? It feels as though my last post was just yesterday and now we are almost saying 'goodbye' to January. If I'd been in hibernation I could understand - but that's certainly not the case. Work, work and more work has been my agenda.

I have been lurking and sometimes commenting but not nearly as much as I would like.

One thing I have been doing is a little creating (my essential therapy after a long day). These little covered notebooks are my take on a 'journal'. Lots of you are posting about keeping journals and although these are tiny they are just the right size for carrying around. I have covered thyem in a mix of vintage, new and recycled fabrics and embellished them with recycled buttons.

Now the really exciting bit is that as we speak these little 'journals ' are on their way to Southampton where they will be on sale tomorrow. My daughter works in a coffee shop where they sell hand-crafted items. Her boss saw these and asked if I would make some to display and (maybe) sell. I'm not too sure that they will but it doesn't really matter because as I said it's my therapy! So if your passing by 'Yoma' in Bedford Place do pop in for a peek. I hear they sell a mean Latte!